SQL Master

SQL Master 2.0

SQL Master started as a small scale MySQL GUI editor
2.0 (See all)

SQL Master started as a small scale MySQL GUI editor. At first it was just a basic tool for running long SQL queries in a threaded environment, but it soon grew into a fully fledged MySQL Graphical editor.


SQL Master contains all of the features of a MySQL Gui front end and a few more. Features include:
- Multiple Server Connections.
- Graphical Table Editor.
- Drag and Drop query builder.
- Data Export: Export tables, views and custom queries in popular formats such as CSV, Excel, XML, and HTML
- Real Time server status.
- User Management.
- Optimised for MySQL 5.0 >.
- MySQL query syntax highlighting and code auto completion.
- Multiple query editors.
- Multi platform: Use the same application in Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.

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